We assisted 9258 individuals, 1402 crisis calls, 4901 separate occurrences, 1012 individual court support & educational presentations 16,114.In last year we helped 701 individuals 402 occurrences  258 in Drumheller, 97 Hanna & 47 Oyen.

We cover over 20,000 sq. Kms. A population of over 45,000 and we serve the following communities Drumheller, Acadia Valley, Carbon, Dalum, East Coulee, Jenner, Munson, Richdale, Rowley, Sibbald, Youngstown, Hanna, Bindloss, Cereal, Delia, Empress, Michichi, New Brigdon, Rosebud, Scotfield, Sunnynock, Oyen, Cambria, Craigmyle, Dorothy , Esther, Morrin, Pollockville, Rosedale, Sedalia, Wayne. 

BCVSA consists of Board of Directors, full time Program Coordinator, RCMP Liaisons and a team of dedicated volunteer advocates.